Car Mount Fast charge Wireless Charger

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Car MountFast charge Wireless Charger

Color: Dark grey, Brown red, Sky blue.

Product size:125*95mm

Charging efficiency: ≥ 80%.
Transmission distance: ≤ 7mm.
Rated frequency: 110-205khz.
Product input:5V2.0A/9V2.0A

The product features:

1. On-board support, wireless charging function, stable and quick charging, without hurting the phone.
2. Drive the car and charge at same time, rotate in multiple angles, and avoid sight, and drive safely.
3. The triangle bracket firmly locks the mobile phone, bumping and not falling, the journey navigation is more free.
4. Full of power cuts, intelligent security, overcharge and protection of mobile phones.
5. It is suitable for all models of 4-inch to 6.2-inch, anti-skid and no burr.
6. Exquisite fashion, ingenuity and durability.